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Are you sure you want to YesNo Your message goes here Unemployment Presentation 1. Team Leader:Mukhtar Ali KhanTeam Members:Bilal Khan DurraniWaleed GhafoorHammad Bin WahabHamza NazimKhizar QasimUnemployment 2.

Team Leader: Mukhtar Ali KhanTeam Members: Bilal Khan Durrani Waleed Ghafoor 3.  Hamza Nazim Hammad Bin Wahab Khizar Qasim 4.

1: List three social evils of our society? Shortage of energy Lack of education UnemploymentQ.

2: Define the term social problems with examples? Social problems are those problems which affect and damage thesociety.  It is a term in which used to describe the problems of particular areaor group of people in the world. Social problems are also those problems which affect the real life.

3: Different causes of these three particular problems in oursociety?Causes of unemployment: Growth of population: It is one of the major problem of Pakistan becauseour population is uncontrollable.  According to the statistical report our population is increasing by the rate of2.

 There are several factors which are responsible for this like our earlymarriage system, illiteracy in country, lack of awareness and many more 6.

•The country’s strength, well being and future economic prospectswill depend on creating enough quality jobs to absorb these newentrants into the job market.

•Males and females unemployment rates make the similar pattern.  Natural Rate of Unemployment or the Non Accelerating Inflation Rate ofUnemployment (NAIRU); The constant inflation rate is called non accelerating inflation rate ofunemployment.

 Okun's law shows the relationship between cyclical movements in GDP andunemployment.  According to Okun's law, when the actual GDP, declines 2% relative to potential GDP,the unemployment rate increases by about1%.

Effect of unemployment on youth of Pakistan; The youth are inclined to various social evils and diseases and even commit suicide.

 Street killing, kidnapping, robbing are taking over the community. Youth indulge intoundesirable activities like smuggling, sale of heroin(e) etc.

 Due to effects of unemployment on youth of Pakistan there is a loss of nationaltalent on which hope of family and future of Pakistan mainly depend.

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Poverty: Poverty is Pakistan’s biggest problem which today’s Pakistan is facing.

 Pakistan is world’s 6th largest country in terms of population and itspopulation is mostly rural Unemployment. Total number of adults (aged 16 years or older) willing and able to work and who are actively looking for work and have not found a job. 7-2..

 The quality of life is the measure of development, the more thedevelopment the better the quality of life is.  The rural areas are relatively poor with respect to urban areas andabout 33% of the population is living below poverty line.

Causes of Poverty: Illiteracy Over population control Political Instability Corruption in the government department Old agricultural Practices Division of agricultural land Large scale import 11. Solutions to poverty: Leadership has got central importance here; with proper planning and goodgovernment policies the problem can be solved.

 Well qualified economists to help them tackle this issue. Terrorism: At present the gravest problem that Pakistan is facingis terrorism.

 Pakistanis involvement in the war on terror hasfurther fuelled the fore.  We are facing war like situation against the terrorists.  Causes of Terrorism: Injustice Illiteracy Poverty: It is also an incubating cause of terrorism.

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Lack of education:Lack of education is one problem that needs to be solved as only it can lead to abrighter future for Pakistan Definition of Unemployment An unemployed person is Not working, willing and able to work Actively seeking a job and willing to accept a job at the prevailing .

Causes of lack of education:Poverty is a major reason of education because poor people canjust afford govt.

is not providinggood quality education in its education institutes.

Causes of water shortage:Dancing around the fire is not the solution to any problem. One should try to seebeneath the surface in order and to grasp an idea about the basic issue.

 Water is a source of life but unfortunately, Pakistan is in the grip of its scarcity,which has disturbed the whole national life.

 With the gradual depletion of water resources, the precarious situation is furtherembittered by the shortage of rainfall which is so essential for the agriculturesector Causes of Unemployment. 1. RECESSION: Companies moving abroad. Downsizing. 2. REDUCED DEMAND FOR GOODS AND SERVICES. Cheaper imported .

 This deteriorating state has accentuated the feelings of deprivation among thesmaller provinces. Effects of water shortage: Water is the basic need of every human There was also the time when human lived in caves, time Passed & the worldbecame modern.  Pakistan the country of south Asia the land of resources which currently is facing thecrisis of water.

 The population of Pakistan is currently 18 billion which is based on 4 provinces.  During the separation of 1947 no body thought that land of Indus river will have theshortage of water.

Solution for water shortage :1) Dams should be made to store water as soon as possible to store water.

2) Water which is being thrown in sea should be utilized to cultivate lands.